WIT Graduates


Mohamad Aznil Bin Muhamad Sidek | Certificate in Automotive |

Strong discipline and high concentration in class is the key to success

Mohamad Aznil is well-known for his hard work and determination in fulfilling any task given to him. He used to be a dreamer, hoping to work as a mechanic in a well-known automobile company. His dream was realized as he joined WIT in 2012. Armed with discipline and will power, Aznil has completed his studies from WIT for level 3. He is now one of the skilled mechanics in Kawasaki Motor Klang. His workmanship is highly recognized by his company. He was grateful to join WIT where he gained wide knowledge and received hands-on training from excellent instructors.

Navaneetaan a/l Kalangan | Certificate in Automotive |

Self-confidence and team work is crucial in achieving one’s goal

Navaneetaan has always held on to his parents’ advice. He believed that every child needs the blessing of the parents to be a successful person. He was lucky and grateful to his parents as they enrolled him to WIT to further his studies. WIT is recognized by MQA and the college is well equipped with the automotive facilities. Navaneetaan has completed his level 3 certificate in Automotive. He is proud to inform that he is now working as a technician in F.A WAGEN Sdn Bhd.

SUE WEI PING (CHAIRMAN'S AWARD) | Diploma in Mechanical Engineering |

"Make time to learn it well and ensure good time management. Prepare and submit course work before the deadline in order to check with the teacher and repair any that need. "

LIM WOOI SHYANG (Best student academic)| Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering |

“Don’t give up easily. Always have the passion to learn engineering…”

His aim of becoming a successful engineer specializing in electronic for automotive vehicles, is very close as he is now doing his Bachelor degree course in Electronic Engineering at a local University. He believes that practical can provide clearer imagination on the knowledge that was learned. His advise to fellow friends, “Don’t give up easily. Always have the passion to learn engineering’s knowledge.”

ZULFIZAN AGUS BIN MOHAMED JAN (Best student academic) | Certificate of Mechanical Industry |

“Think of what can be done beyond the lesson taught as you can go further with your own effort and will.”

With the desire of running his own F1 motoring business and being his own engineer, has brought him to study mechanics industry. He believes that the field of motoring and welding should be packaged together as by itself motoring is not complete without welding. He chosen to study at Kolej WIT because he wanted to challenge himself to recognize the real needs of the industry rather than learning at other college that are already equipped with complete and up-to-date facilities. His advise to fellow friends, “Think of what can be done beyond the lesson taught as you can go further with your own effort and will. Respect and learn from the elders through their experience and maintain your professionalism. Respect your teachers even if they are about your own age.”

TAMILVANAN A/L GENASON (Best student academic) | Certificate in Automation |

“Complete the project accordingly and submit immediately…”

Enrolled into studying mechatronic after 5 years working as operator in order to upgrade his qualifications. After struggling between studying full time and working at night shift for two years, now he is holding the post as Assistant Supervisor at the same company. His advise to fellow friends, “Study hard and give your utmost attention to the lessons taught by the instructor. Complete all the projects assigned to you accordingly and submit immediately .”

EWE TER HAN(Best student academic) | Certificate in Computer |

“Give the best service to customers and treat them as friends…”

His interest in computer gaming and testing new IT gadgets have prompted him to pursue into studying computer assembling and repairing techniques. Now he is one of the supervisor of a known computer sales and servicing company. He promises would be giving the best service to the customers and make them happy with the results of his work as he treats them as friends. The rapidly changing computer technology @ ICT is a great challenge . Hence he advised fellow friends to have the courage to do on their own, go out to see in the market the ‘newly released items’ and do not be restricted on what was shown in the classroom

GOBIKRISHNAN A/L PURKODI (Best Student) |Certificate in Electrician |

Studied for course electrician as recommended by friends and relations. After working for about 10 months, he is keen to pursue to do work of a Chargeman who deals with higher electricity power.