Pursuing a course of education or training is one of the most significant decisions you will have to make. It will affect the direction of your future career. It is therefore most important that you choose carefully where to study and which course will best suit your ambition nonetheless based on your aptitude and interest.

Kolej WIT's website will help you explore what we can offer in this regard. You can choose, based on the required prerequisites, a wide range of challenging certificate and diploma courses relevant to present and future needs of various industries, whether these are in Malaysia or abroad.

The fact that Kolej WIT graduates are consistently in high demand shows that the education and training we provide is relevant to industrial needs. Since 1977, we have produced about thirty three thousand graduates who are pursuing careers at various levels, including senior management, in multinational companies.

Once you have browsed through our website you will probably like to see us for yourself. You are invited to the college campus at Pandamaran, Port Klang where you will be most welcomed. Upon seeing Kolej WIT's excellent technical facilities, I'm comfident that you will find our reputation for high quality courses justified.

Hamzah Abu Hassan